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Westküstenklinikum Heide Klinik für Neurologie

Elective Report from Nov. 9, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: Yet in the short term a few months right before, but I think it's luck. Most of the time, Heath is quite popular.
So I have to disagree with the last, very negative assessment. As shown there, not - I was here at all ver klickt maybe in the hospital? ;) My surgery four months Heath joined the CHP with 8 weeks in the general surgery or visceral - cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. The main task here is the OP assistance as a lesion. This is of course a bit depending on the personal interest for the surgery, but I am interested in the surgery and found the task field as a surgical Assistant so super. Typical daily schedule: The day begins with the station business from 7:00 to 7:40, then the early meeting is it on the way into the operating room until 8: 00 and then. You make it always is on the way to take (free) breakfast or lunch, usually even before the first surgery too quickly to have breakfast ;) Depending on the load, you really all day in the operating room is planned. I.e. most of the time 3 to 4 OPs. Between the OPs, it has to go getting enough time in the break room to what to eat and drink. Sure, you can not always timely or time in the canteen for lunch (also free), but then leaving just the other PJlern take what or calls in the cafeteria and reset what can be. Everything no problem. I have often managed to get me a coffee and sandwich (also free) quickly between OPs. I actually always on time came out at 15:30. I can count on one hand the days that I stayed even longer because of a surgical or Braunülenlegen. Operating activities: It is mostly 1 or 2 interventions eren at size Assistant divided into surgery and surgery with the boss or one of the upper - and specialists. I never felt humiliated, really not. If it is the first time, told this to the operator and then everything gets from the outset declared. The main tasks are namely the hooks holding and the cinematography in lap. Interventions. You must get up first in the new role and as in each OP it can be staged even louder (which rarely happened) - but then you will never personally yelling at o. Ã. -I at least do not. With time more is married to one, especially if you show interest, and the tasks expand, & Redon drainage o so that I could actually almost always sew. Ã. could create. Also shown of course all one, especially if you ask. on station: you actually only occurs when it is not divided into the OP. The blood + Braunülen makes a nice sister who this tagtà ¤ resembled makes. Considering the one or the other Braunüle but anyway, what I found good also for the learning and à ben. Ambulance: If you have time, you can help here. There are always a doctor from the General and one of the trauma surgery. All are happy, if it helps. You must perform with the patient the medical history and diagnosis, then discusses the case and suspected diagnosis with the doctor and proposes another procedure. It allowed outgoing cuts. always sew, what also exercise and fun. Business: You are welcome to it, if you have a file in which hand does and writes a bit - but isn't. The visits to the head or lead. OA I found always great: it was always relevant knowledge queried (the chef creates the connection to the internal medicine also likes) and explains and of course you can ask questions at any time. Everything was explained to me friendly. Int. Training: Every Thursday at 7: 00 instead (business then later first) and was becoming increasingly relevant. About CED and therapy time of vascular surgery, but even Radiology. I found good. PJ-training: there every day in the inner, radiology, neurosurgery, Interior, etc. - If it is in the operating room, you can't make it to every classroom, clearly. However, one is also in the surgery four months and must not to due to the teaching of the inner or Radiology. The teaching of neurosurgery on Thursday afternoon is however very well and I can highly recommend. The surgical PJ training courses are also only 3: 00, so you can do it almost always can. The PJ-training of surgery fà ¤ falls out sometimes when just any time has but one is Yes all day in the operating room - there is virtually non-stop training ;) Summary: I liked to be really good. If it is always nice to everyone and shows above all at least a little interest, the à doctors encounter and à rztinnen too. ;) Also both visceral - and cardiothoracic and vascular employs here surgery - so it really has a wide range of OPs, where one makes with and gets many insights. Before my four months I have accounts created only a handful of, sewn times only in the course and never run the camera during a surgery. All have I learned here and thus very much taken. Who has interest in the surgery, is right in here and much to learn. Lock the door at the end of words to Heath: It is housed in WGs in Heath, who are not far away from the Hospital (max 10 min. walk). The food is also free in the clinic, coffee and other drinks. The gym you can use for free and has a minimum of equipment. Heath is a small town, but if you have nice colleagues in the PJ, it's also quite nice. In the summer certainly even more.

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