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Elective Report from Nov. 13, 2016

Supervision 3/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: Normal going on system of the Charité
At the same time, we were two lesion. It is a very big team. 1 Chief, 5 senior physicians and probably 10 or more assistants. There's the urological stations 5a and 5b with approximately 27 man beds. On the station 35c half of the beds is a gynecologist and Uro woman beds are the other half. Also, there are usually a few Uro patients on the Privatstation. A lesion was divided on the 5a and one on the 5b. We exchanged us through time. Actually, the start of the work there is 7:45, but is expected by the wizards, make it business from 7:00 (scheduled overtime), and it was expected of us then of course also. Late meeting starts at 16:00, then final is then officially. But most of the time we have gone before. However, student teaching was from 15:30 3 times a week. The instruction was actually quite good, all disciplines were once wandered off. But it was of course ever, that the professors have scheduled classes. Now to the actual four months: 7:00 7:45 business 7:45 - 8:30 morning meeting then: if any business ready to go. Then blood samples. Often we were called even in the course of the day (we had everyone a personal phone), to remove even blood on the other stations and to create Flexülen... This was it then with these pesky tasks more than would have been necessary and beautiful. Then we were either asked to continue with the station work to help (eg threads pull, write letters, etc.) or have been in the emergency room/endourology or in the operating room - depending on how much on station was doing and with which Wizard it was subdivided on station. Unfortunately we were never divided in the whole four months on the surgical plan as a solid "real" assistance, despite multiple requests. It was different in previous PJlern. Perhaps it was the very good cast with even a guest doctor who has actually assisted in the operating room all day. In addition, many of the wizards were also fairly new and should assist first time much, because not much was place then for us. Nevertheless, it was very, very bad and we were both very disappointed; especially since at the beginning else was told to us. We could look to regularly in the operating room from the outside and a washed from time to time at the table, but really do we almost never allowed to something. You could watch every now and again in the shot, but we were there never actively sent out, what I found quite good, because I think it's not the most exciting activity. Most interesting was the emergency room/Endouro. There are usually 2 assistants. But only a new colleague, then a (another) Guest doctor, then fellows, then again a new colleague there, who were then each first as third in the Endouro, to be incorporated were to our time. This was unfortunately there usually not so much for us to do. But sometimes you could help and you could see above all emergency room patients themselves and anamnestizieren, etc. do sono. It was then still quite nice. Sometimes I felt there but also, more likely to stand in the way eh already 3-4 people instead of the normal 2-occupation there were. I think a big problem is simply the size of the team and that were then new colleagues, others in the parental went etc. This one could work a really anyone. If you knew the one a bit and one started, eg in the emergency room to dare to even a little bit, then was again rotated and there was someone new. Overall, I must say however that the Assistant team to 90% was very, very nice, and the remaining 10% were approachable ;) I've never seen to actually in the meetings on the boss and the attendings, but rarely stop in the operating room. Physician visits there de facto almost never and Chief business certainly not. I think the top did not my first or my last name even after 3 months. There was also no interest in teaching. I think suffer there partly also the wizard. But now, this is speculation. Overall I learned less there in 13 weeks than in my month-long clinical elective, which I've done in Oldenburg (she was but also really unusually good). What you can learn in the AVK in the Uro on practical stuff: Remove blood Set Flexülen Pull drains Pull threads and clamps Write letters DK put a little sono basics I would have gladly learned to assist in the operating room and a make vllt Cici or a Zsytoskopie, or sew, but this has not taken place about, even though it was promised several times. As a result, I am very disappointed by the four months total in spite of the nice team. At the end, it was just to much blood take and write letters. Too bad for anyone with a genuine interest in urology. Who goes there anyway and would like to learn more practical, which I would recommend at first to choose one of the top doctors and to go, so who really get to know one and then maybe sometimes one thinks again and again into OPs of the one at the create of the OP-plan and one even what can be done. Basically, I would recommend rather to go as a lesion in a smaller urology. Or maybe in a medium-sized, jedemfalls rather not so a huge as in the AVK. There we have simply perished and you thought only for the pesky tasks to us, otherwise we were rather forgotten - and, although we are two lively people, who themselves got that really well with all and have worked diligently! The food there is staff half-price. Is not just delicious, unfortunately, even compared to other hospital food... The clothing is provided and there is a PJler locker room. We were allowed to take the study day each week or collected at the end. I've done the latter.

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