Medical Electives

Stadtspital Waid

Elective Report from Nov. 12, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 2/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: 2 years in advance, but also in the short term possible
The TERTIAL Waid hospital in Zurich was the best time of my PJ. I can recommend it anyway! Team -the interns are super nice, the cooperation is relaxed and collegial friendly -good atmosphere with the attendings Trace -Start of work 7:30 -Early report. Morning running business, writing, radiological examinations, physiotherapy etc sign up, prepare tickets, assisting in the operating room (we could share a be us after consultation with the other under wizards in our "wish-OPs") -Lunch jointly by 12-13: 00 (very good lunch for 8CHF) - afternoon admission of patients -Afternoon report at 15: 00, doing an independent introducing by patients, after closing time if you did everything what happened on the day -Friday may we organize at the expense of the physician "Aperos", so taking place "Umtrunke" in summer on the terrace and to which the doctors of surgery appear numerous, sometimes we are moved on even more :-) -In wizards make the plan independently, so you can be divided per week on the emergency room, the ambulance or on station. -Emergency room is a highlight in itself, with a lot of independent work possible. Residential -7 min on foot from the clinic in the northern road -2 or 3 WG with other sub Assistant/student/FSJlern/therapists... -Garden with barbecue, where in the summer many social evenings were spent together -Cost: 360 CHF, you get however 80CHF lunch money Wage -1000-1200 CHF depending on how many reputation - and Wochenenddienste has been. -Payment in cash, not a Swiss bank account needed -The Sub assistants (10) must cover every night with reputation services for the OP, there are 40CHF if not or for <5h gerufen="" wird="" oder="" 80chf="" wenn="" man="" für="">5 h was used. The plan make ourselves, Exchange is usually easy at the end were always all content :-) -A minor Wizard must be during the day week ends on the emergency room, on Sundays, there is 80CHF and for a SA or a compensatory free day you can take the when you want</5h>

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