Medical Electives

Sean Hamburg Aellbec Hospital

Elective Report from July 4, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 2/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: About the PJ occupancy of the University of Hamburg
Here I review the past 7 weeks my Tertials. I have evaluated the first 6 separately, because I had to be there completely different notes. I was 3 weeks accident and 1 week WS surgery, three weeks in the Kinderortho. The Kinderortho was so so good! Unfortunately, I could do no more weeks. The team is very small, but all are nice and interested to learn something. In the operating room, as well as in the Office hours! The best three weeks of the PJ. But I was there in time whatever until evening. But it was worth it! The accident was good. The doctors are super nice and include one in the work! I could help on station here! The OPs to run only in a room and only from 10, it is a really small Department. Who wants to see great OPs is wrong here. WS week surgery was ok. There are not really tasks for PJ. In the operating room you can watch and if you're lucky with landscaped, help you can't actually. And there's almost nothing for PJ to do on station. A week was enough for me. But I can't complain really about the doctors! You told me something also in the operating room. Conclusion: I can apply only for the Kinderortho and complete the General in another House would be four months that great. Unfortunately not liked as ever in the General Ortho, that I can not really recommend the PJ in the beautiful people interested in Ortho clinic. I have famuliert in other houses and took it as Famulatant more learned and more. The three above mentioned stations are superb (if the accident is also the small), but unfortunately they are not the main part of the PJ Tertials. What a pity!!

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