Medical Electives

Sean Hamburg Aellbec Hospital

Elective Report from July 4, 2016

Supervision 1/5 Teaching 1/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: The portal of the University of Hamburg
Here, I review my first 6 weeks of the Ortho Tertials in the General Ortho, since this differed totally from the rest. Pro: -one question not ;-) is -Hips are operated in side Contra: -Walking for the classroom or for dinner was often not possible or annoying to organize, because I was firmly divided actually daily from 8-15/16 hours in the operating room -I was classified as well as just for hips and knee as 2nd Assistant (although I wish me several different) - there is although hook holder, which do the same thing but like you, except that they get money for it and less hours per day working. So which cover a room and the other - I was not perceived interest of PJ really. Questions were usually very close. Occurred that you declared with something or telling would have without that I would have asked before maximum 5 times - in the clinic I could up to 5 days (since I was classified in the OP) and you gave there also own patient me. When I was a day in the clinic the doctors in my presence in have irritated that I'm helping anything here and dear hooks to hold that because it would take me. I've never seen something like that! I what to learn and would not interested. -the X-ray meeting meeting does not deserve the name. The pictures are shown, but virtually none will be commented. A radiologist is not. Little instructive for students -the hook keeper stood in the see higher than I -They called me also in my presence only the PJlerin. I think that almost no one knew my name. That sounds all now, as I have not tried, but it isn't. I am due to the good reviews after Hamburg and I am determined to make Ortho. But in the 6 weeks I had changed almost me. Arthroplasty churning and PJ as free hook holder. Awful! I would never apply!

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