Medical Electives

Sean Hamburg Aellbec Hospital

Elective Report from March 27, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: Approx. 1 year before
As some before me have already written there are many orthopedic procedures, for less 'big' interventions in Eilbek. Therefore, many intervention on the part of the anesthesia but rather than straightforward fashion. It has also the advantage that you do from the outset very much myself. During the surgery, the Anesthesiologists are also willing to explain all possible one. But also the care there is very nice. Integrated, you feel really good in the tram. During my time there, I was also in intensive care or on the IMC. There, it was very nice too, sometimes easy however due to high patient run chaotically. But the doctors took time there to explain something to the PJlern. In addition, you can still in the PräMed ambulance. To have seen it once, I find it also recommended. Only small criticism on my part is the fact that the teaching has failed around Christmas time around but slightly more frequently. This was but understandably because that many doctors were at this time in the holiday. Otherwise, the instruction was mostly very good. There were photographed many subjects (orthopedics, Unfaöllchirurgie, general surgery, Interior, radiology, anaesthesia), also an ECG course takes place regularly once a week. I can recommend a PJ in the Anästehsie in Eilbek all-in-all. I felt very comfortable there.

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