Medical Electives

Sean Hamburg Aellbec Hospital

Elective Report from March 27, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: I've got the place on the hardship request, but most of the others apply approximately a year earlier.
Initially I had honestly not so much on this reserved portion of PJ happy, but in the end I have to say that very good I liked it in surgery. Because I was employed on various stations, I will report back shortly individually to every part. First, you have to say that the beautiful is no acute hospital Klinikum Eilbek. Therefore you can expect too much on disease patterns in trauma surgery and the ZNA. In trauma surgery is usually the "major" injuries: Weber fractures, femoral neck fractures, distal radius fractures etc. A typical day begins with the visit. Anshclie├čend follows the X-ray meeting and if necessary the continuation of the business (depending on the number of patients). Then, you can in the ambulance, in the operating room, or on the station. Wound care include the daily work, Braun├╝len place (there's a blood collection service, so you must draw blood themselves rarely) and write letters. The team is quite small and Nice, you can always ask. Then I rotated in the ZNA. Here, the day began with the trauma X-ray meeting. Then I was allowed to first look at the patients in the ZNA and make history. In this way it has learned a lot in any case. Also here were all very nice. If times less to do there, I saw me X-ray images using the wizards and practiced the findings. The ZNA has rather an outpatient character. It come so many patients that one would expect in an outpatient consultation eigentlcih more. Lastly, I rotated in the general surgery. Here too it was recorded very nice. It could share a work as you wanted, rarely one was actually used in the operating room. If mamn asked, you could assist but even so. I was allowed to make, for example, the camera work in laparoscopic surgery, which is not so easy as it always looks. Too much explains one when one asks questions. The lessons are usually regular, or one learns generally in good time, they are moved. Are there really all very friendly and integrated it feels good in the team. I can recommend it very generally in Eilbek, if you would like to see not only huge OPs. There is that although there are rather rare.

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