Medical Electives

Sean Hamburg Aellbec Hospital

Elective Report from Jan. 16, 2015

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: I applied initiative a year in advance. Log let the commitment in moodle. Woman you can be clarified with then fast and super nice Steinort details.
My 8 weeks orthopaedics in Eilbek have absolutely worth it. Despite the size of the House, there is a very intimate atmosphere. I've seen much more operative orthopaedics in time than previously thought and found this really great! The atmosphere in the operating theatre is very pleasant for lesion. The contact to the doctors is straightforward and easy. Depending on time constraints and Operateuer, you can learn many technical things and exercise (node, sewing, assist...). There are basically hired hook holder each for morning/noon, so that the lesion is not per se planned as a permanent hook holder. Anyway to stop is also long there, if you want. Daily found in the time between 1-2 P.m. teaching various subjects (all lesion could participate) instead. I felt the time was more often in the operating room and then, could not take the. However, we were lesion always 2-3 on the orthopaedic wards, so that one well could vote their own performances to lunch / OP BB´s, seminars and evening. Unlike some clinical elective at the internal medicine, I had to get in the first weeks of it, that you don't "is used as a lesion for odds and ends" and therefore not every few minutes the chief resident at one of thanks, that it has still done "this and that". Blood and a Braunülen for example are made centrally via a service, in the particular case of the lesion. Recordings on a central admission. There is a certain autonomy and an idea wondering whether you rather spend the day in OPS or office hours/station would. No matter where you then appeared, it was integrated very well. For me that there were always days where first the workload had to be worked out and left little time for "Instructional", lies in the matter of the operating compartment. For this, the efforts of specialists was to introduce exciting cases to the Ortho-Pjlern and to speak out for me so far unique. Also in the operating room was again and again with much dedication to hingeweisen what the lesion can or even want to learn / to ;) Lesion, which are surgically interested in, want to find a really nice team and learn about a suddenly diverse orthopedics, Eilbek is recommended.

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