Medical Electives

Sean Hamburg Aellbec Hospital

Elective Report from July 14, 2014

Supervision 4/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: Email ca 3/4 year previously at Kerstin Steinort
I spent 4 weeks in the General Surgery, in trauma surgery and four weeks in the Bariatric Surgery four weeks. (Since it was my last four months my days were used for the last few weeks to learn). The general surgeon were always nice and attentive and always trying to teach something to a. You could do with in the OP, although one due to the size of the team and because you always for two or three, because something had to deny, finally gave it was mostly just an operating room. Very good also the trauma surgery in any case I liked: it was clamped full of, the doctors were always very nice, have declared much, you could much in the operating room or if you wanted to do also station work. Very praises I have the patience of the chef, as he me to the knot 100 times has stated... But now I can BB´s! :-) But, my absolute highlight was the Bariatric Surgery: who would like to in the surgery and want to get lapraskopisch to work, which I can recommend that really only: I was allowed to make the 1 Assisstenz from my 1.Woche there and carry the camera. I was alone to lead the clinic concluded and create opinion etc (of course with subsequent control). The team was always careful to treat me as a full member (and not simply as PJlerin). In addition, the interdisciplinary cooperation with diabetologists, Psychiologen and nutritionists was absolutely interesting and very educational! So high, but they stayed then likes thumb! ;-)

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