Medical Electives

Dehnhaide 120
Hamburg 22081
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Supervision 4.0/5 Teaching 4.0/5 Leisure 4.2/5

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: I applied 4 months ago. It is possible but probably too short. Simply telephone inquiries (at the Secretariat of the trauma surgery, Mrs Steinort).
Actually quite pleasant for a surgery four months. According to OPs and PJler number you can go sometimes between 13 and 14: 00. The team is quite nice, even if there is tension between them sometimes. The boss is ok, only one of the top doctors is "getting". But where is that not so? So all in all recommendable. Continue reading...

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Have nothing bad to say. Four months best by far! Continue reading...

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 2/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: About the PJ occupancy of the University of Hamburg
Here I review the past 7 weeks my Tertials. I have evaluated the first 6 separately, because I had to be there completely different notes. I was 3 weeks accident and 1 week WS surgery, three weeks in the Kinderortho. The Kinderortho was so so good! Unfortunately, I could do no more weeks. The team is very small, but all are nice and interested to learn something. In the operating room, as well as in the Office hours! The best three weeks of the PJ. But I was there in time whatever until evening. But it was worth it! The ... Continue reading...

Supervision 1/5 Teaching 1/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: The portal of the University of Hamburg
Here, I review my first 6 weeks of the Ortho Tertials in the General Ortho, since this differed totally from the rest. Pro: -one question not ;-) is -Hips are operated in side Contra: -Walking for the classroom or for dinner was often not possible or annoying to organize, because I was firmly divided actually daily from 8-15/16 hours in the operating room -I was classified as well as just for hips and knee as 2nd Assistant (although I wish me several different) - there is although hook holder, which do the same thing but like you, except that they ... Continue reading...

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: I've got the place on the hardship request, but most of the others apply approximately a year earlier.
Initially I had honestly not so much on this reserved portion of PJ happy, but in the end I have to say that very good I liked it in surgery. Because I was employed on various stations, I will report back shortly individually to every part. First, you have to say that the beautiful is no acute hospital Klinikum Eilbek. Therefore you can expect too much on disease patterns in trauma surgery and the ZNA. In trauma surgery is usually the "major" injuries: Weber fractures, femoral neck fractures, distal radius fractures etc. A typical day begins with the visit. Anshclie├čend ... Continue reading...

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: Approx. 1 year before
As some before me have already written there are many orthopedic procedures, for less 'big' interventions in Eilbek. Therefore, many intervention on the part of the anesthesia but rather than straightforward fashion. It has also the advantage that you do from the outset very much myself. During the surgery, the Anesthesiologists are also willing to explain all possible one. But also the care there is very nice. Integrated, you feel really good in the tram. During my time there, I was also in intensive care or on the IMC. There, it was very nice too, sometimes easy however due to ... Continue reading...

Supervision 4/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: 1 year email, very quickly
Nice team, very nice and helpful nurses, often in the operating room otherwise freedom of choice whether you want on station or in the ambulance with divided,. Continue reading...

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: I applied initiative a year in advance. Log let the commitment in moodle. Woman you can be clarified with then fast and super nice Steinort details.
My 8 weeks orthopaedics in Eilbek have absolutely worth it. Despite the size of the House, there is a very intimate atmosphere. I've seen much more operative orthopaedics in time than previously thought and found this really great! The atmosphere in the operating theatre is very pleasant for lesion. The contact to the doctors is straightforward and easy. Depending on time constraints and Operateuer, you can learn many technical things and exercise (node, sewing, assist...). There are basically hired hook holder each for morning/noon, so that the lesion is not per se planned as a permanent hook holder. Anyway to ... Continue reading...

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: 1 1/2 years earlier
You can learn much here a wonderful team, good mood, if you really want on Radiology. It explains much and you never to bother the feeling. You can feel at easy only. Very well organised weekly lesson plans, cross-curricular. The other departments in Eilbek were very nice. Continue reading...

Supervision 4/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: Email ca 3/4 year previously at Kerstin Steinort
I spent 4 weeks in the General Surgery, in trauma surgery and four weeks in the Bariatric Surgery four weeks. (Since it was my last four months my days were used for the last few weeks to learn). The general surgeon were always nice and attentive and always trying to teach something to a. You could do with in the OP, although one due to the size of the team and because you always for two or three, because something had to deny, finally gave it was mostly just an operating room. Very good also the trauma surgery in any ... Continue reading...