Medical Electives

Sankt Gertrauden-Krankenhaus

Elective Report from Nov. 12, 2016

Supervision 1/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: Normal allocation by Charité
Food was free. It was changing. Work start 7:45 I was four months in the St. Gertrauden half a. I was 4 weeks on trauma surgery and general surgery 4. The others who were there longer, are more spinning, in the vascular surgery and so on, or were sometimes longer on the respective station. For a couple of weeks of the Tertials, they were would probably, on which station they wanted. The rest of the time was allocated. The general surgery was unfortunately terrible. I can only hope that there anything changes. We were not and null in the operating room divided, also on request. We were SORTING instead only to the loosen it and the FILES! For some reason, it runs so that doctors need to sort any finding prints, surgical protocols, etc. and filed in this vertranten team and when patients are discharged, they must check the files for completeness and baste. And then of course, this informative, wonderful task was transferred to us PJler! No one has tried somehow to make possible an educational experience for us. I'm out there in the afternoon as soon as possible and have the 4 weeks past somehow trickle leave, but it's actually really sad that something so can run. If you were lucky, you could look to afternoon at an OP or just in the emergency room. But the files crap is really not worth to go, even if you have zero interest in the OP there. Would recommend it to anybody.

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