Medical Electives

Agnes-Karll-Allee 17
Elmshorn 25337
+49 4121 7980
Supervision 4.5/5 Teaching 4.0/5 Leisure 4.3/5

Supervision 4/5 Teaching 2/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: Is possible with security quite spontaneously, my application about half a year before

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: 6-12 months
The PJ four months in the Regio hospital Elmshorn was very educational and fun. I recommend anyone who has interest in the surgery or would like a closer look at surgical activities, working in Elmshorn. You have the ability to rotate emergency room and clinic Centre between accident, visceral, vascular, hand / foot surgery, as a student. That's why you should consider early a scheme with the other PJlern, to take as much as possible. The visit to the station begins to expiration: at 7:30. Here a small Tip: start early surgical dismissal letters and let the doctors correct you ... Continue reading...

Supervision 4/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Clinic Elmshorn I can recommend the internal medicine department at the Regio absolutely everyone, who wants to stand, to work in a really nice team (by the Assistant to the Chief) and to gain experience. As the lesion, you will kindly received and much appreciated. You have the opportunity you all there to see diagnostic areas (sono, vascular/cardiac catheter laboratory, ERCP, broncho -, gastro -, colonoscopy, office hours, NEF driving) and to work actively in the most. The teaching takes place in the clinics in Elmshorn and Pinneberg and varies in quality a t - dependent as ever, of the ... Continue reading...

Supervision 3/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 3/5 Translated
On the General Surgery unfortunately not liked in Elmshorn. As lesion, it is also likes termed the hook keeper and is the blood taking depression for all stations outside of the OPs. If you did this task then at some point, you can write letters. You can go at any time with in the OP, because freedom is one. It is also allocated to some OPs. On the accident surgery I liked it much better. The doctors are consistently friendly, appreciate the work it does and integrate one with a well in everyday work. You can try many things yourself ... Continue reading...

Supervision 4/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: about a year before by telephone registration
The hospital Elmshorn was very free in the distribution of the lesion. There are three there Stations, vascular surgery, General and visceral surgery, trauma surgery, as well as a Centre for hand surgery. Once a week a document doctor is also for plastic surgery. The lesion are independently in their distribution and rotation the various departments and the emergency room. The typical tasks (blood, venous access, must be on station Doppler measurement, letters write) at. Assistant in the operating room is like to have seen. Each Lesion Gets a phone for this and it is also independent of the if ... Continue reading...

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 3/5 Translated
Application: About the University. For direct application about a year in advance
Really very nice team. You are welcome at any time anywhere and always friendly questions. Depending on the interest, you can at any time with in the operating room and almost always with at the table, and that no matter which Department. In smaller operations, which otherwise no wizard is divided, is you like and may ever own minor procedures or parts thereof to perform and often sew. Even if you have previously no large surgical experience everything important in peace is declared and not bitching if you even do something wrong. If you want not so much in the ... Continue reading...

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: About the UKE
Overall had a very good time in the Interior Department. Not only the Nice handling on the part of doctors and nursing staff, also the appreciation, the one as PJ ´ ler is brought forward to enable a fast "life" in the Department. Independent working is very encouraged and supported. Access to all Department and diagnostic fields is given. Ler as PJ is everywhere welcome and will be integrated as far as possible. Continue reading...

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
I have made my inner TERTIAL Elmshorn and can only recommend it! A very nice team that is trying very hard to teach something to a. You can select the activities largely free. I started on station, could soon own patient care and write letters. I was then in the emergency room, in the Sonography in the Kathetherlabor. If you want, you can have a ride in between on the NEF and the ICU, you can also. The trainings take place alternately in 3 locations Wedel, Elmshorn and Pinneberg. The quality was very different. Elmshorn is trying very hard and ... Continue reading...

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: about the UNI, no personal application at the hospital
I was overall very happy there and I would recommend the hospital for the surgery only lessons could have taken place more regularly. For a seam course on pig feet in the OP offered four months but 1xpro is very helpful and where the teachers take much time. The team was overall nice and helpful. However others. on the basis of the salary payment was also collaboration eg. on station (remove blood) in the operating room (there it was divided also fixed part), is located in the emergency room and general compulsory attendance. the PJ ler have a telephone. On ... Continue reading...

Supervision 1/5 Teaching 2/5 Leisure 2/5 Translated
Application: half a year in advance of moodle
The hospital Elmshorn is relatively small and little specialized. There is continuing education permissions for Angiology, cardiology and gastroenterology. For work, there is a compensation of € 400 a month. Organization was unfortunately not available. You had to do it all somehow itself. An Assistant of the surgery (!) took over the divisions on the stations after their night duty. I had to get yourself clothes and a key for the dressing rooms. Only a password for the online system and the beeper (phones have only attendings) was from the Chief Secretary. My life started with the meeting at 7:30, ... Continue reading...