Medical Electives

Mater Dei Hospital

Elective Report from Nov. 10, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Application: Download approx. 9 months ago, online form and send it by mail. Answer comes back usually within a few days.
You will be allocated a physician prior to arrival, the man then running during your stay. Pro o doctor there are a team of doctors (doctors in training + specialists), so that one has always fixed contact and very quickly will be integrated. As a foreign student, it goes without saying that you will be taken to all investigations, workspaces etc. The day started with me always at 8:00 with a usually brief visit. Beginning and end of the week varies depending on the surgeon and team. Monday was with us always outpatients (Office hours ambulance), Tuesday only detailed business, Wednesday endoscopy (in essence most colonoscopies, also Gastroskopien and banding), Thursday mostly tumor Conference and following business, Friday + Saturday OP (Saturday is only optional for students). Usually, was finished around 12:00 on some days with only business of even earlier, surgical/endoscopy days depending on the agenda usually up to 14:00. Even if you "only" running and independently can make not much I have taken lot and seen some interesting findings or accompanied cases. And I found it exciting to look in a different health care system. It depends of course in Malta the attending, how much he or she explains how much English is spoken and what to expect from his foreign TERTIAL. I am overall very happy with my 8 weeks on Malta and can definitely recommend Malta for a foreign Tertia! We had a lot of spare time and could get to know closer to land and people and you could take even a day off, so all very relaxed. But those who made much emphasis on surgery and independent work such as in Germany, who is not happy in Malta may be. In the operating room, to do also with according to doctor at the table, but this is usually not the rule more. We were together in Malta and have rented an apartment on airbnb in Sliema (super site!). The bus system is partly somewhat messy, but go everywhere without any problems on the island. Tip: apply for a Tallinja card online and home can be send a few weeks prior to arrival, the cheap monthly ticket can be used from the first day. And one more tip: leave the respective certificate of the LPA at the top or at best an enquiry to the Office by mail send, for us everything worked but and we could pick up all documents on the last day.

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