Medical Electives

Marienhospital Gelsenkirchen

Elective Report from Nov. 13, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
I can only recommend the inside - PJ in the cardiology department. First of all, the hosting is really good! This obligt of the Secretary of the PJ-Officer (currently Chief Physician surgery) and the Lady set has everything under control. They will in time written and informed when you start where and what documents must be prepared. Coat, nameplate, phone and keys are centrally issued on the first day. In addition, there is a greeting by the PJ - Beauftrageten and a short guided tour through the House. To change is any PJ'ler a locker in the Central locker room available. Coat and trousers can be obtained on demand from the closet. This has opened in the morning so the collection is easily possible prior to the service. Still, there is the possibility to get a parking ticket for employee parking for 30 cents on the day on which they are used (only useful if you get early since parking is limited). Tuesday afternoon a seminar will be held, after which it is no longer on station! On Thursday, course is each morning ECG. Participation is not mandatory, but pages of the departments of course and actually whenever possible. I myself have, skip if a lot was going on, voluntarily a few seminars. A seminar schedule will be on every PJ'ler handed out. Especially the ECG course is highly recommended! The food (breakfast and lunch) is free of charge upon presentation of the nameplate marked "PJ". Lunch is always possible in the cardiology department. An additional breakfast is usually worse off to reconcile with the station work, but possible. The QMS on my station was good. I was able to work much even sand side, have overwhelmed but never me felt. The Marienhospital sets students for the blood collection service, all the way up to the 9th floor which come relatively late or not at all (are used as hook keeper in the operating room), so I've done blood mostly even. A special feature for me was, when I was busy with patients or recordings, the wizards took their blood itself, I was treated really as colleague and involved in the Patienbetreeung. Maintaining contact with was alright. From oberärztlcher page, there is always a contact person you can call at any time with questions. The attendings eager (even at shoestring staff!) make sure that you will be allocated an experienced, well structured assistants or specialist from which one can learn a lot. I spent 8 weeks on station and 8 weeks in the ambulances, function departments, pacemaker surgery and cardiac catheterization laboratory. You can really see a lot and learn the attendings explain at any time and take really time for questions and leave one, if you good turns on, also once even ran (even in the cardiac catheter!). Closing time is regular at 16:30. I was often out early. For private appointments, I could go earlier in consultation with the station. In total by far my best TERTIAL 1 + asterisk clearly!

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