Medical Electives

Krankenhaus Sankt Marienwörth

Elective Report from Nov. 14, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
We started in the emergency room and could work independently work and consult. There, some more instructions would have been necessary. In the morning we were taken mostly in the operating room. Hook keep was ok and it was much explained and shown. Even sew or even put a first cut was quickly if there was interest and was very happy to then also offered. Who like to worked in the OP could work there quickly much independently. I have washed the OP area soon and with abgedeckt. The coronation was an "own" small metal removal with cut and seam. Grade at small OPs such as pacemakers or port before it was allowed to take over quickly much with super support. Even the operating room staff was friendly and fair (as long as it was nonsense, non-sterile) and was happy to declarations and friendly instructions. Who was not so very surgically interested was also not overly bothered, but could office hours more in the emergency room or in the operating room (or a round on the PJler sofa). I inserted a rotation in the anesthesia for two weeks, that was no problem after consultation and was very worthwhile. I'll start where my common trunk and look forward to the super nice team and the new lesion!

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