Medical Electives

Krankenhaus Sankt Marienwörth

Elective Report from Nov. 14, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
We were allowed to operate there very much myself, always under the guidance of. Great atmosphere in the team and on the station. I have done four ZVKs, multiple punctures of ascites, a pleural drainage, and a bone marrow biopsy under the guidance of. Rotation through emergency department with an independent recording of patients and subsequent meeting. Rotation in palliative Ward (who wants to) and the intensive care unit for two weeks. You can rent a room for 142 euros. Rooms are clean and ok. It was always seriously questions. We had their own telephones and interesting cases, we started a broadcast, which was super. The most Thursdays Sonokurs was partially KM showing. Any free time I'm in the function: colonoscopy and EGD, and ERCP with explanations and instructions. On the stations, there's a blood collection service so I had to draw blood only in exceptions. Own PJ room with two computers, a sofa and a coffee machine. Separate room for the lockers. Way to the NEFmitfahrt by agreement. Way in which pathology in have to look I genutztund was super. I took there very much, training technical and human. Can only recommend it. Meanwhile some lesion have decided to start there to work.

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