Medical Electives

Klinikum Lüdenscheid

Elective Report from Sept. 3, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: Space allocation on the nationwide PJ Portal A visit to the hospital and getting to know the chief physician in advance with guided tour of the children's Hospital contact with wife was Holzhauer (Secretariat akad. easily - simply advance Record the teaching hospital).
-Children's Hospital: nice team of doctors, flat hierarchies (almost all are also the attendings with students by you), friendly nurses, good working atmosphere. Depending on the skills and knowledge you can do many activities independently, you get brought generally much faith contrary to. Yet every doctor for questions and problems is approachable. Station doctors weekly switch tips check out tricks and different practices in the everyday life of all physicians by the service plan model of physician, so that one at least once together - worked during the Tertials with any doctor ideal to. The climate in the area of Neonatology (Station 2.3) is somewhat rougher, there you should bring a thick skin. However, so that is also a rotation on this station are worth to learn many useful things. It is advisable however before some experience in the field of General Pediatrics (stations 2.4, 2.5, and in the ambulance) to have collected. -Teaching and time off in lieu: Classes are held 3 x per week from 16 to 17:30 pm, usually by the Chief medical officers personally. Good mix of bedside teaching, theory and practice courses (E.g. seam course, gypsum course, newborn-rea-training, etc.). As usual not getting any lecturer manages to design an appealing didactic teaching, most of helped but really one. All instructors are trying and attached high priority to teaching. To compensate for the resulting "overtime" is free every second Friday. In addition, a one-hour Radiology training takes place every Thursday. There the PJ can ' bring ler interesting cases like want to get explained by radiological page. In addition, the radiologists have always a list of remarkable images in reserve. -Working clothes and food: the hospital provides each PJ'ler four smocks, trousers and polo shirts available. Breakfast and lunch can be purchased in the cafeteria in the main building. For this, a magnetic card is issued, charged each month through the hospital €90. Within the children's Hospital, it is common that the doctors will go to lunch together, the atmosphere is always very relaxed here and you have the opportunity to discover the private side of colleagues. On single days with extreme effort, joint lunch was always possible. -Accommodation and Internet: spacious dorm room with private fridge, wardrobe, wardrobe, armchair, table, Chair, bed and washbasin. Kitchen, shower and toilet are in the hallway. Unfortunately lacks a common room. Also you should bring crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils are - the selection in the kitchen is unfortunately rudimentary to non-existent. Also cleaning accessories (broom, small broom/Dustpan) will not be available. PJ' learning rent and related charges by the hospital be adopted. On request a parking ticket for the nearby staff parking is provided free of charge. One for PJ' you get handed out each month in the Engineering Department ler free access code for the Wi-FI network. -Access and recreational opportunities: Lüdenscheid is quite rural in the sauerland region, it is advisable to take with their own car. The hospital is 3 km away from the city centre. In the centre there are two cinemas, a shopping centre, several cafes and restaurants and the Phänomenta. Also there is a swimming pool with sauna. Two drinking water reservoirs (verse reservoir and Fürwiggetalsperre) with good paths for cyclists, joggers and walkers are a few kilometres away from the hospital. Highly recommended: Plate Meatball (Burger restaurant), Café Extrablatt (the meeting place of the clinic staff after work par excellence), pizzeria da Sebastiano (good Italians on the edge of the Centre), pizzeria Vesuvio (from the dorm 2 min on foot). -Shopping: downtown find ample shopping opportunities. For the everyday purchases an Aldi branch is located 5 min walk from the dorm, the next opportunity (REWE and DM) are 15 minutes walk away. In General, it must be said, that PJ'ler enjoy a high priority in the House and you're all welcome and appreciated. The practice is geared less to needs of the departments, but rather on the interests and the level of training of the students (one is not just drawn for unloved activities approach and can learn something instead). I was very impressed with the hospital as a whole and in particular children's Hospital and had a great time there.

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