Medical Electives

Klinikum Lüdenscheid

Elective Report from July 26, 2016

Supervision 3/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
In the inner I has tasks as a lesion clearly. In the morning it starts with the BE's and Viggoanlagen. These tasks accompany one all day, because you get a phone, what especially the nursing staff is constantly calling. It can annoy me a little. It is responsible to anamnestizieren the admissions and study further morning. Can be up to 10 patients in bad times. These are then presented the team in the lunch meeting. In my opinion there has the strongest effect of learning, as the Chief or senior physicians more often ask in particular about subsequent diagnosis/therapy ect. Because everyone on the team are very nice, is it also not under great stress, but still feels what to learn. If you want, you can go in the function, i.e. either ultrasound or the gastro - / colonoscopies or ERCPs. Ultrasound, you can learn much, as the Chief of medicine usually "to sound a" and you are not in it and almost asleep. Also I could perform here also a ascites puncture. Ect at the gastro - / colonoscopies. of course, more, you watch every now and then you can try it but also a little. One of the top doctors has called us Pjler almost always, if there is to be a PEG. We were allowed to stand then that while he has gastroskopiert. The team is undisputedly the kindest I had to do it in a hospital. Questions could be always explained much and it was treated as part of the team.

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