Medical Electives

Klinikum Lüdenscheid

Elective Report from May 14, 2014

Supervision 4/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Pneumology: -Primarily used on station 1.6 (including infektiologische isolation station say besides Pneu mol. Pat. also, Noro, TBC,...) with stations OA as a mentor. After a short induction period independent care of 2-4 patients in RS with mentor / station doctor, any idea patient in interdisciplinary tumor Conference. -2-wöchiger use on internal medicine. Intensive care unit. -Regular use in ambulance & function range possible (there far walking an independent working under supervision): diagn. & therap. Bronchoscopy, lung function Diagnostics, Spiroergometry, Sonography thorax / abdomen, Thoracentesis / drainage system. -In agreement in more internal medicine rotation. Possible fields of study. -Parallel by working closely with thoracic surgery insight towards this subject. Total: Meet all activities required in the log book. Four months really to recommend! Hospital Corp: -about 900 beds, 28 disciplines (all klin. Disciplines of the University of Bonn available except Neurosurgery (document doctor)). -For students of the University of Bonn: 6-9 Dienste/Mo.. mandatory in central emergency room (internist or chir. Page. In consultation mgl. service also in other disciplines) each 16:00-00:00 hours. For this 1 day of time off in lieu in consultation with respective station. Free possible disposition on the part of students, not every day must be occupied as at other houses. -Chir. Reputation services are possible, not mandatory. Remuneration package. -Remuneration of the PJs (€400.00 per month). -Free of charge: Essen (€90 / mo.), clothing, locker, parking, staff residence accommodation + Wi-FI (room fully furnished incl. refrigerator and sink as well as related bedding. Shared bathroom, washing machine and kitchen.). -In consultation rotation in really every Department of the House possible! -Participation in ambulance trips possible. -PJ teaching quality very good, 4 x per week 1.5 hours per day Within a year Max 4 x cool, but then on the other date wdhl. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday per 16:00 17:30: represent all disciplines in rotation; every Thursday 14:00 15:00 very good radio-training! -Interdisz. Meetings each Wednesday and Thursday. Homepage (link see below see more in-house training. -Regular training sessions. Subsequent employment as Assistant physician/treatment to the specialist training: Students in the PJ, who are well integrated into the hospital Lüdenscheid, feel comfortable, and begin their specialist education (at least 18 months) with us, we offer an allowance in the amount of €500 per month retroactively from the beginning of the first Tertials. (Source: Homepage hospital Lüdenscheid, link see below)

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