Medical Electives

Klinikum Lüdenscheid

Elective Report from June 8, 2013

Supervision 3/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 2/5 Translated
Application: About the University. With us, the House was not very popular, because the trip to Bonn about takes 4 h in public transport. (Capacity: 30 lesion, actually 6 - nearly 1,000 beds)
You can split the surgery four months in blocks of 4 weeks between the 4 surgical hospitals. Each clinic has certain capacities, regarding lesion and it must consult with each other, so that there are not too many at once in a clinic. Unfortunately, that was us only on the first PJ day told, along with the request to submit the site in about 10 minutes. Changes are in principle still possible after submission of the list, but only under agreements with the participating chefs - and as this is the case, then getting someone on the tie feels entered. Ask you so best before and think about your preferences. I was 8 weeks in the C I (General and visceral surgery) and 8 weeks in the C III (Traumatology). Ultimately, it must be said that none of us would have regretted it, to have been in one of the four hospitals. The C I is strictly hierarchical, the chef is a great friend of micro management. As the lesion you gets rather less than the others, but oh well. I'm not a great lover of something, the four months but still rather liked. The rest of the team is very nice, I felt very good. Women > 50% (2 out of 3 OÄ, most of the Wizard). The day begins with blood, then 7:45 early meeting (just not the boss coming), 8:00 start of OP (just not come after the Chief, about 7:55 left quiet meeting and assist in storage). Was alone in the Department, so I was almost exclusively in the OP (on demand, I was informed, that I would learn in the inner station work), twice in 8 weeks for 1-2 h on station and once or twice in the ambulance (2 patients seen). It was also different in others. Surgically operated major surgery: the House has a colon cancer center, so many Hemikolektomien (open and laparaskopisch); of course many cholecystectomy and hernia repairs, some thyroid (open and minimally invasive). Have been some Hemipankreatektomien (modified after Traverso Longmire) and some resections of other bodies at the table. Essentially really the entire spectrum of the partition. Whether you do the skin closure as lesion, highly dependent on the surgeon. Questions are highly encouraged, you really learn something in the operating room and will be not only burned up. If the boss with no surgery, the atmosphere is very friendly. Usually you can go eat, sure the operators. However, the Chief insists that nobody leaves the table, as soon as they once competed (circulatory collapse ;-) is ok), what becomes a problem for long or late used OPs. There was friction with the internal medicine, if one could not scheduled training, because it was still in the operating room. That has left out but no one to us as PJlern. The daily working time is approximately 9 hours plus overtime. You are not acknowledged, but one is not pointless there keep and learn something else in the time. === To the PJ General: House the maximum care, nearly 1,000 beds. Covers almost every subject, no cardiac surgery, neurosurgery "only" by two physicians, orthopaedic absent, there is 200 m further is an orthopedic clinic. The rules for payment, housing (in the dorm, right next to the hospital, bearable, but after a year of somewhat closely) and study days are constantly, changing (thanks, University of Bonn) just ask. Classes are 4 times a week for each 1 to 1.5 h instead, namely surgery, internal, radiology and a changing trade. You will find the current training schedule on the homepage of the clinic. The training courses are generally very good; I rarely regret, are to be gone (already required). The training take place Mon to Thu, so that one can think his free days on Fri (previously there were times more study days). As the lesion to do 8 times a service in the Central pit in the four months. It is associated with in general internal medicine and looks after their own patients after consultation (don't worry, you will be introduced slowly and the patient is seen at the end of the PJs still by a doctor). If less is going on in the inner (= rare), helps you there where is busy or attaches itself to someone off, whose skilled care a. The ZNA services are not paid, but 1:1 at activities balanced as far as possible on the following day, but as the head of own has to have a say (when, not if). The service plans be folded actually always quite well after consultation with the Director who has TSNA creates lesion, with us. If you want to earn money, you can on surgical reputation services (= hook keeping, by the surgeon almost expects to do that) attend or teach in nursing school (time hardly possible, because in the morning). I found the atmosphere in the House generally very collegial and friendly, it is not only "the lesion" as lesion fully integrated into the team and is. There are exceptions of course, but less than during my internships. If you time (leisure time - unfortunately) another Department try wants, are actually all happy, you get placed no obstacles in the way.

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