Medical Electives

Klinikum Lüdenscheid

Elective Report from July 1, 2013

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
C1 General Surgery: -Daily set at the table for all points so little to no station & ambulance activity classified. (2 allgemeinchir. Halls/day except Tuesdays; then only 1 OPZ Hall and 1 AMB Hall). -Sewing, if desired on the part of lesion and erfragt, almost at each surgery possible. -Team engaged and nice! -BEs & Viggo exer. the care (except, if unsuccessful, then ärztl. Activity). -At 900 beds & the KH as Märkisches intestinal Center "larger" OPs are made in addition to "simple" lap app and lap-Gallen: pancreas -, stomach, liver, intestinal surgery. C3 Ortho / accident (focus: Unfallchir., da Sports Clinic Hellersen next door): -classified 3-4 x per week at the table. -otherwise to do the business of the Association (with) or is in the clinic or in the emergency room (this is staffed 24/7 by the C3). -Sewing, if desired on the part of lesion and erfragt, almost at each surgery possible. -BE & Viggo are exer. the care (except, if unsuccessful, then ärztl. Activity). -Team engaged and Nice. C4 or PLC Plast. Surgery and hand surgery: -3-4 x per week at the table divided ("mixed bag", so that you get a good overview). -Otherwise clean. on business and into the connector in the ambulance (there: outpatient handchir.- and aesthetic OPs as well as Debridement and BG office hours). -The PLC supported by ärztl. The wound management, therefore good insight in chronic care page Wounds. -Mgl small interventions in independence. -Team engaged and Nice. -Dictation of letters and OP reports (the PLC dictated as the only clinic in the KH, the fasteners) Dept. write itself. Good exercise, since unfamiliar at first.) * For all those who like surgical work, is really to recommend the PJ at the Hospital of L., because all departments enjoy lesion and are therefore really eager and interested to teach students something. * It is advisable on the respective OPs in the evening before to prepare, because questions are asked to do this (in addition to anatomy to the respective surgical procedure, Ind., the disease etc.). * Contact with the surgical care is chir throughout. Centre well (if anyone could everywhere has imagined.). * After a rotation through the above-mentioned areas (there's even a vascular surgery at the Hospital of L.) can all conventional suture technique. * The requirements of the logbook of the University of Bonn (as of 2013) are good, and quickly met. PJ lessons: Monday - Wednesday, 16:00 17:30 (rotating, see Plan on homepage) Thu 14:00 15:00 (radiology, super!)

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