Medical Electives

Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder)

Elective Report from Nov. 13, 2016

Supervision 2/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: Allocation procedures of the Charité
It rotates according to fixed schedule by the medical clinics I, II and III. For me, that meant each month on the 27A (Hämato Onko), a month of IMC2 (cardio) and a month of 25A (gastro). At the end I took 20 days holiday, so I was actually there only 3 months. It started in the morning at 7:30 / 7:45. You get €415 / month without accommodation, or €315 / month if you would like to get an accommodation. However, there is no guarantee that you get a room, since only a very limited number available. Who logs so not early enough and know is that he'd like a room, can get may be no room, and must take care of themselves. Hämato Onko: was actually quite ok. Some of the wizards rotated during my short time there and were then themselves for the first time on a Hämato Onko and could tell me not so much. Were all nice, but technically really not the most competent. Is not made not so much fun just so much my discipline, therefore sent it to me. The business was quite good. Daily at least curves business with physician or the physician was present at the business completely. Once at the end of my month there I went with the a top doctor in his clinic. Otherwise, the day looked: early meeting, blood, Flexülen and port pins set, business, recordings. In between, lunch at some point. Much more is not happening. I've written a few letters. I could look at KM punctures to often and have even one yourself made. That was cool. Cardio: has disappointed me. I was there at a time of upheaval. The senior attending had just terminated and was not replaced yet. Another top doctor was at loggerheads with the Chief and the interns were, I think, fairly frustrated and habenn felt is left pretty much alone. I was divided on the intermediate care unit with a young, pretty overextended intern. The actually planned Chief and senior physician visits have not taken place. If he continues no longer knew he called just his physicians and vllt came sometimes just by one, but actually the wizard there had to do anything alone. The interventions were more important than the station the top probably. Has felt sometimes the patient sorry for something. We two have been always a very long visit, then pending investigations, and wrote letters. If time was I'm second in the functional diagnostics/catheter lab and watched a bit. If not on the man was, I was asked once to help in the recording. Unfortunately I was incorporated zero there, and later criticized that I took too long with my shots. Then in the afternoon meeting of the interventions, planned the next day. It was sometimes very interesting. I went then always on time. It was just too frustrating there. I was actually eager to learn to make a proper auscultation of the heart and to read ECG. The wizard with which I was at the station, but itself not so good could that and had whatever no nerve or any time. Despite multiple requests from someone never made together an auscultation with me. And I think, without feedback, whether you correctly interpreted what you hear, not much learning, even if you regularly children. ECG I on the Internet then often afternoon researched and practiced. Only plus was a nice Wizard team, always nettenn, joint lunch. I think a fellow student who was on the cardiology normal station, had a lehrreichere time, because the assistants were there something bright and even further in their training. It has him I think, quite liked. Gastro: I left me very alone felt. It lacked staff. A specialist who was actually divided in endoscopy, had to throw even the whole station, because the place was due to illness will not be staffed (there were missing, even two or three people a total I think). Ultimately it went beyond that I was alone most of the time on the station. So really, I was thrown into the cold water. It has been also an educational experience, but since I had no experience in the field before, I would have had more care and instructions. In the morning I went for the first time alone on the station after the handover, did there the blood and Flexülen and then what so struck on station work. Usually for the first time for the day to get ready dismissal letters. Then the doctor came up at some point and we went on a very thorough and interesting visit. Then she had to usually back down. I then made ready the firings and then alone the recordings, including the history, examination, registration of all examinations/interventions, coding of the case in the PC, write the medical history and the instructions on the care in the curve etc. Set sometime in between then quickly for lunch, then station work, going mostly the pictures, write letters or dictate, Flexülen etc. In the afternoon came mostly at some point the doctor again on station or watched at least once just past. Plenty of time, was not to discuss everything but mostly. Sometimes very rarely, if not so much was going on, I could watch in the endoscopy or the ultrasound. It was interesting and I would have enjoyed more in any case. Once I have made Abdomensono also very briefly a and placed once twice ascites puncture and even a feeding tube. Otherwise I have much to learn practically unfortunately not. (Many ascites puncture unfortunately not there even though I would have previously thought. "But you have regulated that there most of the time quite long and also quite successfully with medicines). I did a total often overtime. The doctor had to leave often promptly and has charged me then sometimes (not really asked), finished still laying letters or such things make. For my usage I didn't get much gratitude, especially not by the attendings for which I have solved the problem of unoccupied Assistant there practically. Instead I was bitching to even more, if even in the afternoon, the blood samples of the recordings were not fast enough in the laboratory and then morning not all values there were, or even that I on Friday took the study day, without checking with the resident's (but was otherwise expected to Friday which were then totally understaffed (even more than usual) and I made then that; while I had denied it even with the MD)... Overall, I found that quite rude, because after all I have there without training or previous experience worked very hard, and still often made overtime. Moreover, that is on the station the nurses and doctors really had snit, and all stood mutually perpendicular. It was much blasphemed, receiver were on popped, etc... Almost all were frustrated and demotivated. Total is the problem of the inner in Frankfurt, probably, that they are poorly staffed. The wizards, who have them are often young and inexperienced and have 95% german as mother tongue, which they of course are more busy with tasks such as letters and have even less time to take care of the rest, let alone any students also teach what great. One plus was that the wizards were mostly very nice, nice people. I personally got me okay with the care. It is very much gesiezt between nursing and medical profession, what I personally do not prefer, but if you let it and communicates properly with the care, then actually it was totally okay with that. Still, it was said that the hospital outside the city is located in village of brands. Look before on a map. You need so while in the city and on the way to Berlin expect a therefore an extra half an hour, if you drive train. Teaching was once a week for all lesion, and was mostly well done and interesting. Another plus is the payment of course. I would not completely from home discourage, but my experience was as a whole, made mainly by the professional, unfortunately disappointing. Good luck in the PJ!

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