Medical Electives

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Elective Report from Nov. 7, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
I was unfortunately only 2 short weeks on Vascular Surgery - have, but unfortunately too late by the Chief doctor know that you must spend a larger part of his duty tertials on vascular surgery. (The best most clear right at the beginning of the obligatory tertials!) Vascular Surgery (station): (+) there is a vascular training (albeit by a senior physician) (+) on the morning visit, patients are discussed in detail, so that you can really get an overview of the cases (probably is also due to the lower number of cases) (+) immediate integration in a friendly team of top and medical specialists (+) a few blood withdrawals / additions (+) medicine educationally meaningful activities such as patient images be delegated (+) Patients are in an interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social services, case management, supervised ;-) - and discussed with the students in great detail (+) Intensive business (+) Hands-On experiences on station Vascular Surgery (OP): (+) one really much in the OP explains (+) is 1 Assistant or even 1 surgeon - my activities for smaller procedures: change of VAC, minor amputations (+) you will be treated not as a worker, but as a "learning worker" (+) there were always feedback to what you've done Vascular Surgery (conclusion): (+) full recommendation (+) great learning effect, because the patients are discussed in detail What can stimulate the next students: (+) in the feature Department might even hand create (vascular sono) (+) necessarily stimulate the care for their own patients (my time with 2 weeks I think was slightly too short for that) (+) Training in technical Diagnostics: E.g. vascular Doppler / vascular sono

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