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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Elective Report from Sept. 30, 2016

Supervision 3/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: in specified periods of University (LMU MUNICH are on the page)
I've seen the TERTIAL at LMU with very mixed feelings. What I want to say as a major point of criticism is that one is very disproportionately divided. 16 weeks there is complete the layout looks like this: 4 where obstetrics, 10 where! operational GYN, 1 where ambulance, 1 where fertility The obstetrics as well is an important part of area of women's health, I believe the layout somewhat one-sided. It was to remain impossible, because it "is used in the operating room" in obstetrics. That means the camera hold laparoscopies and sewing at the end. What was great at the beginning, but at the end rather after compulsion felt. Because it is always the last one in the operating room (about patient transfer), which is generally ok, if it even get a thank you, at least if you have until 6 p.m. remains as extra to keep hook and then dismissed the attendings without thanks from the table and it is self-evident that it still remains even if you do unpaid overtime. At the end of pretty much ruined for the fun me and me pretty frustrated. Since the increase of knowledge in the operating room by watching some very limited and also the operators talk almost never with one. The ambulance was great! One of the two Arztinnen has an almost always GYN Make investigation (Speculum, keys, sono). There I learned almost the most and there was only a week. The fertility station was also nice, but you could only listen to the talks and could not make also the vaginal ultrasound examination. I think the obstetrics is great, but unfortunately she is amazing pretty one this, that you feel very unwelcome in the delivery room and must fairly beg and get to experience giving birth also even unpopular. You also don't really is assigned to a doctor, why to swim pretty much at the beginning. The SS retirement is great, but me was also very rarely offered even to sound, maybe you have to take as researchers, what I personally find very unpleasant. It looked similar to the week bed investigations. I had to work, so no one knew what he can trust to me unfortunately also the misfortune with always changing doctors together and they always said "Next time you're allowed" (often there was no next time). So best try ran art on a doctor. Of course, there were a few highly motivated exceptions among doctors, who were engaged and willing to patiently teaching! For me unfortunately too few. The mood among the Pjlern has unfortunately also quite deteriorated, because we were able to not just take our free days, but thus do not vote with the other, one of the operational stations is vacant. Then the others for this had "buses", by they had to make also the shots, blood sampling and OPs. The first half of Tertials there was a study day, which was abolished on the grounds that we had enough study time spontaneously in the half. Still positive to mention: -detailed and professional introduction of the hospital and the Tertials by Fr. Pohle (PJ officers), which one sometimes but also very difficult can make life (unpaid), if you eg want to take PJ-mentor was really very nice and committed, but could solve of course not all of our problems, because the system is there. We had a PJ's locker room with its own key, which was great to also go to retire. Overall, I would recommend the TERTIAL there if it is mainly operational interested, if you rather would rather get an overview of all areas.

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