Medical Electives

Kantonsspital St.Gallen

Elective Report from Nov. 9, 2016

Supervision 1/5 Teaching 1/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: I applied ca 1,5 years in advance. Got with it however, that again and again people in the short term have been discontinued.
To the end of the day: 7:30 early RapPort to ca 8: 00. The after the surgery, you are registered for a the operating rooms, one 8:05 must be washed in the operating room. You don't just make it one is dressed by the one or other surgeon, that he alone now the patient would need to wash and cover. It is however on time in the Hall, only stupid, one stands in the corner and watching how he does it yet alone! During the surgery itself, you may keep the hacking. Not much more. Some operators are also to blame, situs if he sees nothing in the operating room... Sewing in the operating room was in my time a rarity. I was able to sew in the all time max 15 times! At the other it looked no better. If they "couldn't", one was beefed to turn by some, that you should practice the sewing but at home and not in the OP! It seemed to me that that I 2h-3h! sterile stood next to the operating table. No place there was for me as a 5 man at the table... (came to the fortune only rarely before) In the surgical wing, there are alternating soups every day + bun, what you are can use. If you don't stand in the OP you have time for lunch in the canteen If it is not necessary in the OP, you have time for a quick cup of coffee usually 15 minutes before we go on station with the business. the business itself erscheinte me something chaotic, as one begins not in room 1 and room 20 stops, but over the course must run, which makes it a nursing-related patient care there. Care 1 means has patients in room 3, and 20; There it makes a part of the business, Care2 has rooms 20 and 6. Go through this back and forth running on the station, safely up to 30 min time lost. you will have time the patients after the visit to prepare for the afternoon repeat starting at 15.05. According to the report, going back to station and helps the AA still in their jobs. If you to not actively asks whether you can go, it can also happen that it only went home about 7: 00 will be sent! During the week there is a service (call service) Piket of from 5: 00 to 8: 00 on the following day, which goes weekends by 9 o'clock, Piket 9Uhr. Piket for the rendered services there are allowances, it is in the Piket called the service, there is still an ARbeitszuschlag. Has during the week to the day after the Piket compensatory free. For Piketdienste weekend's releases the Friday of the next week for the SA, for such services direct the Monday... All in all, I felt the surgery four months as not very educational, because you almost no opportunities gets, to expand his skills. Also the support on the part of the AA/OA was certainly not optimal. To, you have to say that the Jack for thorax and vessels have seceded and created an extreme cost pressure. This is with one of the reasons that my time were ca 7 AA do not were occupied. It was not uncommon in the an AA between 22-23: 00 only could go home

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