Medical Electives

Kantonsspital Münsterlingen

Elective Report from Nov. 14, 2016

Supervision 0/5 Teaching 0/5 Leisure 2/5 Translated
Application: 1 year
Pro: -Beautiful view of Lake Constance Uniformity is very near -(Teilweise) nice team Cons: -High workload -Many services (without time compensation or additional merit) -Bad climate in the operating room -No teaching -No way to help in the emergency ward -Lots to do paperwork Finally, I have to say that I can unfortunately not recommend the Münsterlingen hospital for a surgery four months. A PJ-ler is above all to the hook hold and paperwork to fill because nothing is brought in a quasi. By the attendings no one cares about exceptions up to 1-2 for the PJ-ler and teaching there is also none. I definitely of advise, here to make four months!

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