Medical Electives

Kantonsspital Aarau

Elective Report from Nov. 11, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 0/5 Translated
Application: Ideally 1.5 years in advance but also short-term application with short CV and registration confirmation, is possible.
Regular hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 to 17:00. Daily schedule: 8:15 morning meeting with idea of patients are admitted overnight beds situation, problem - or deaths, after training (30 min) 9:00 11:30 business 11:30 13:20 meeting of patients with physician 13:20 lunch 14:00 X-ray meeting 14:15 17:00 organise further meeting with top doctor about patient procedures, surveys/meetings, preparing Chief visits, discharge letters, perform arterial blood samples or Sagar tests At the end of the working day depending on the amount of work 16:00 19:00 - also depending on the motivation of the PJlers. Pro: -When appropriate engagement and prerequisite knowledge, run by 2-4 of private patients including independent inspection, establishment of the abortion with Chief physicians, etc.) -Resident patients and physician proposes the further procedure. -Sufficient time for critical discussion of another abortion. -Compulsory training every day 30 minutes during the morning meeting -1 x a week Radiology training (1 h) -1 x weekly ECG training (1 h) -1 x a week training for physicians and physician (1 h) -Excellent cooperation with care, where it has many skills. -Electronic medical records, your own user for PC use -about 500-900 francs per month paid service apartment offered -Rotation on emergency station (approximately 1 week / month) -Top doctors offer the you Word -free layout of holiday days (approximately 2 days / month) Disadvantages: -Inedibles lunch for 10 CHF/portion -Approximately 1 x/month weekend on emergency room, where enters this weeks on 70 hours per week (2 days of compensation after the weekend). -Partial weekly change of stations, so that you can settle anywhere good. Tip: In advance announce that you always would like to be on one and the same station. 2 physician and a physician are responsible, per station (2 x 8 room) where the departments all are mixed (cardiac patient is located next to rheumatologischem is located next to gastroenterologischem). 1 x/week is Chief visits of the relevant sub disciplines. Care automatically decreases blood sets all Venenverweilkanüle, bladder and stomach pumps, depends on red cell concentrates, makes all initial infusion and bolus injections. Through electronic medical records is always up-to-date with regard to vital parameters etc. Drugs are all electronically ordered and subsequently targeted by the physician. On the emergency ward even neurologists and surgeons, work except internal medicine and internal medicine under Wizard provide only non-surgical patients. On the Emergency Department, there are about 20 patient places 3 hours being the average length of stay per patient about. Under Assistant take care of patients semi independent here per day 2-3, i.e. In cooperation with resident and attending, which once again visit always patient and investigate. Summary: Dedicated lesion work vidiert at the intern level (after compulsory introductory phase = 2 weeks) closely, but then also on 55 h / week regular working hours, because then "lesion early home go in the excuse" does not take - responsibility-> full working-> very high learning effect. Not dedicated lesion shoot in the morning, write history entries, saga test, listen to business and attending meeting and go home at 16:00.

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