Medical Electives

Hunsrück Klinik

Elective Report from Feb. 2, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
You come to the clinic and is regarded as a full team member. Dealing with the PJlern is very good from the nursing side as well as from the medical side. It's a small house, after a short time, everyone knows your name by the human resources department about the lab for the nursing student. We have served our own room (3 beds), always on station which it has visitiert after some delay itself, wrote letters etc. Who wanted to made more of course. In the operating room, you get a lot to explain small OPS (metal distances, port distances, etc...) of course and if interest best level was allowed to do under the supervision of herself. The service is in the ambulance and it comes from the infant after fall of the changing table with laceration, about the serious traffic accident, old granny with fracture, perforated stomach, which all together where is ileus or the acute vascular occlusion get there in time. One is in the diagnosis involved (Sonokurs is available through interior but also in the service of the surgeon) and may provide its own minor wounds. The surgeons work in the 24-hour service. Is an interesting experience! Summarized: there is a really nice work and learning possible. There is always a focal point, when what is. I can recommend it to anyone.

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