Medical Electives

Hunsrück Klinik

Elective Report from Sept. 20, 2015

Supervision 3/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Food: 3 meals are paid, the canteen is alright, you almost always comes to lunch because doctors at noon all go together in the canteen. Study day rooms: large, mostly somewhat old-fashioned set up beautiful views of the Taunus, en suite bathroom, some with small kitchenette and fridge, right next to the hospital, Services: well paid, often here, depending on the doctor, still the most explains, it is usually sent at the latest at 12 in the bed, the next day to you shortly come to the business (ca 2 hours) and then you have closing time, the day free, Friday at 14: 00 or also on time after the lunch meeting, ca 16: 00 closing time Other: you may travel with the doctor in the NEF and do something even time depending on the experience level and emergency, because the area is very rural there but rather small bets with much free-ride to the nearest clinic (eg one with cardiac catheterization, which doesn't have the clinic in Simmern), is a nice change of pace to the hospital For 2 months (I have split the four months) I liked there hospital and training, it would need to be longer. It is alternating with the other PJlern in the ICU, on station and in the recording. In the functions, you can go at any time if otherwise nothing to do or is there just something interesting. The downside to the small house is that there are little things, which you yourself do, if something so naming there how do SPF, usually the physician, who even had to practise it, were allowed to do that. I was allowed to do Kardiovertieren, an Aszitispunktion 2 times in the time and place 3 arterial access, often under the supervision of sonografieren. According to the supervising doctor you can take care of own patients on station, what is implemented, that writing the letter that partly makes the business and launches him in the X-ray meeting and in the meeting with colleagues and thus gets even more with the case. In the recording you may make medical history and physical examination itself, this is then presented to competent physician. Depending on the knowledge and initiative, you can make then even proposals following investigations and differential diagnoses, and imagine him in the meeting. Intensive care unit: Small station with about 8 patients, surgical and medical, to much running and looking over the shoulder, gets more or less explained according to the doctor, makes the daily physical research itself and writing partial discharge letters. Occasionally, it is possible to create an artery or make a puncture. Colleagues are mostly very young and cute, are accordingly but also much preoccupied to concentrate on their work, and still have not the experience that they could explain at the same time. You can freely take his study day (E.g. every 2nd week the Friday free)

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