Medical Electives

DRK Krankenhaus Alzey

Elective Report from Nov. 14, 2016

Supervision 4/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
My conclusion to the PJ in the Interior in Alzey: Super nice and young team. It is the same from the first day included. It is very rare that one time just next to it is, usually you can tackle yourself with: -Patients in the emergency room completely on your own record, then imagine the doctor -Carrying out of abdomen ultrasonography and B-scans at V.a. TVT -Blood (there is actually a blood collection service, nevertheless it has unfortunately often happened that one time well half of the day with BEs was engaged - small shortcoming. On the other hand I think, significantly less than at many other hospitals) -Pleural and ascites punctures themselves perform -Dot arteries to intensive -regularly (several times a week) ride in the ambulance... You can get really good practical taught. The lessons take place 1 x / week. With us, there was unfortunately no surgery teaching, because by the time the surgical Department is not in the PJler training was involved. But that will change as of the next round. It was nice that you could take services regularly. Thus you can make even a little help (although there is slightly more to other clinics) and that it is then all alone with physician (of course with care), you can do even much much and thus learns a lot. Would be to clarify how often this is desirable but good. About something in the team disagreed. Only real wish: in the WELL and in the functional areas everything was super structured. On station, there is no real plan. Probably we would have to make us as even more lesion, which was sometimes difficult, if you rotated BEs and function, and so on back and forth between emergency room, and ran then even the most on station until they could come back to. Although I worked from time to time 1 patient rooms, but not very consistently. Possible idea would be something here like: from week two a patient very fully to support (not just make business even Konsilen etc. but completely with applications of X-ray,), from week three of then two patients... etc. So that one would learn a little structure station working, what is not so easy as a beginner. A super four months, overall but really where I learned a lot and I am totally thankful for that!

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