Medical Electives

DRK Krankenhaus Alzey

Elective Report from April 19, 2015

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: Super...
Highly recommended... You can fully absorb patients, and if necessary further care on station, and dismissed. In the function, we are likely to do a lot. including ultrasound, punctures, sometimes endoscopy... and ever after what was, you should join. 1 to 1 support is small wait, but intense. On station I could take care of their own rooms, even when I was in the function I should further support. There is always a contact person who can help. Nursing staff SUPER nice. O physicians & Chief are to show what ever ready and clarify... and if you show interest, it is called if something interesting. All in all GREAT

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