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Christophorus-Kliniken GmbH Abteilung für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe (St.-Vincenz-Hospital)

Elective Report from Nov. 11, 2016

Supervision 3/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 5/5 Translated
Like one depends as always, what to expect from the four months personally and what setting is in the four months. Personally, I had honestly absolutely no interest in the surgery and my motivation in the 3rd four months had also been considerably subsided. I wanted to have views but at least frequent surgery (appendectomy, cholecystectomy, knee + hip Replacement etc.) and learn basics such as sewing and simple wound care, to be later not a complete idiot of trade without the slightest idea of surgery. Also, I had rather little desire to leave (in Coesfeld absulut no danger, heads of both very sympathetic and approachable) make me down by any choleric heads in the operating room. I have may well achieve these goals. Blood slimming, create access, patient record, write letters and 2. assistance at OP's are the more or less permanent tasks of the lesion. When you're with several PJlern in the departments, which can be OP's divide well with each other. If the blood withdrawals are made and it has done its operating program set under the PJ colleague, you can take a look at interesting things in the ambulance, spending his time in the operating room or office hours, write letters, or optionally gladly also times rather go. Depending on the surgical plan it can happen of course sometimes, you even have to stay until 16 or 17: 00 (us total maybe 4-5 times per lesion occurred), it can be days (after one short has logged out) at most even against 14 - 15 home. Depends of course very which Wizard you ask if you can go. But that gets you quickly out ;-) Is important to deny himself well under the PJlern, so that you would fair divided the OP (we well worked). Closer interest at the surgery you can of course also use the time and viewing still operations or helping out in the ambulance. Afternoon general surgeons as well as the trauma surgeons have yet an afternoon meeting where the presence of the lesion but not necessarily expected is (really can't control anyway no one, who just in the operating room or in the outpatient department or elsewhere is. and even if Indy just anyone, as long as blood was removed and the hooks were kept). Both I the general surgical as also the unfallchirugischen doctors mostly as very affable and nice felt in every department, there are exceptions to that, making then get a bow as well 1-2. Overall, the climate is really nice as long as you behave yourself too kindly and respectfully. In the operations to keep its hooks when the TEPS hold good and Thyreoidektomien, may also like to ask questions and from time to time stitch or knot, depending on the surgeon. Surgical nurses and caregivers are mostly alright, two weeks always dutifully presents itself the first and follow the instructions, you suddenly never mind non-sterile. Training held many, and often what fails in the House in principle. If you happen to look at the training, but depends on whether blood sampling and OP's are. You can take care of own patients, which is basically very good, but station work is not the favorite activity of most surgeons nunmal so that the care here is quite moderate. Overall I can recommend but the General as well as the trauma surgery in Coesfeld, unless you need not necessarily a very close supervision and the commute for a (40 minutes each way by train from Münster, similar car) is not a problem.

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