Medical Electives

Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)

Elective Report from Nov. 14, 2016

Supervision 4/5 Teaching 4/5 Leisure 3/5 Translated
Application: Charité award
One can wish for two departments and try to fulfill all desires, which almost always works out. The Division takes place on the first day. It then changes after 8 weeks. The training will be of the PJlern itself as case presentation prepared and organized, then (usually) moderating and explaining is a lecturer. You learn so much for his own ideas. Unfortunately, communication is not always properly worked with divided faculty. Overall, the mood on the House despite Uniklinik stress is good and most doctors want to make doctrine. Morning taking down of course however only blood, but it's part of it. On the station 01A (Haem/Onko - leukemia) that is made in the team, all help, man is not alone there (which would be too violent when 20 BEs per day). Even otherwise, the team is super nice and I highly recommend the station, you can see many diseases (especially in the form of complications arising from the immune suppression or many various concomitant diseases) and there are almost daily bone marrow punctures and frequently liquor - and occasionally carried out pleural punctures, what sooner or later even do. You can set Braunülen after the disasters veins in then there... Also, to get difficult for learners hematological diseases a fundamental idea of chemotherapy, several blood transfusions and the. If your interested anyway in the field are better -! You should run through also the medical services possible due to many interesting clinical pictures and to get to know the General procedure. You should be aware that the serious emergencies directly on ITS high go, you should not expect that so. The mood is not so relaxed and almost every day, you have other colleagues. There's many students, especially during the semester break what is rather disturbing lack of seat - and jobs. But there's a student Diensplan, the one with each other to discuss / must/should, so it will be nice with maximum a with PJler/student in the late (and also night services). It provided just a pair of trousers and a tunic, the laundry issue has 8-10 and 13-15 open, so that one is almost impossible to change things, let alone if you einsaut... At the rescue site, you get blue clothes, since it is less problematic. For the work on the station, this is a disaster and an indictment of the Charité. The Lehrsekreteriat unfortunately is neither flexible nor realistic and really only issues the certificates for the last four months on the day after the official end, and they then shipped by mail, what was no longer enough for timely submission by the examination Office at least for me. After consultation with the LPA, that was no problem, but simply unnecessary stress during the learning phase. Overall, I would recommend the TERTIAL.

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