Medical Electives

Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)

Elective Report from Nov. 11, 2016

Supervision 2/5 Teaching 2/5 Leisure 3/5 Translated
Positive: The station team is very young and Nice. Also the care is helpful and friendly for the most part. One learns above all practical skills in the field of urology: -Blasenkatheter and pull Apply drugs via catheter and drainage Sinks drains and catheters Remove the blood, Braunülen set -Sono of the kidneys and be derived from urinary tract TRANS-Rectal Ultrasound -2nd Assistant in the operating room The best thing about the PJ there: definitely the ambulance in which history sometimes may levy in a patient from the rescue site and ever a first ultrasound makes. Else is good: free lunch, Rehab applications are remunerated with € 28, the lesion may share the applications. Study days can be collected. Negative: As lesion one carries out the above activities only after order. Disjointed runs one patient A to patient C and makes a Loading at one, flushing a drainage at the other, the next to make a Restharnsono, etc. It is not patient history included in the, it is not explained one, why what when done. Diseases are not discussed. Teaching is done any - I suspect from time pressure. During the visit, nothing explains only the task to open the lab to a particular patient to prompt on the iPad and to keep the doctors a lesion has during the visit. Otherwise, it has no function in the business, is not included and it explains nothing spontaneous one. A short questions are answered almost on demand. No own patient are looked after. Ultimately was only run it after a short time frustrating, right for me not to think with. After you learned all practical skills within weeks 1-2 (mostly from the lesion taught, which previously was already there not in the rotation - the doctors...) one learns almost nothing further more. The workload varies depending on how many lesion there. We were in between the four of us, it has sat there around several hours a day. If you however alone there was, it was busy all day with blood and a residual urine Ecography. Summed up: who loves routine, every day like his usual chores down works, don't think, have no responsibility and a free lunch would have, is here. Otherwise prefer somewhere else to go.

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