Medical Electives

Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)

Elective Report from Oct. 26, 2016

Supervision 2/5 Teaching 2/5 Leisure 3/5 Translated
Positive: The station doctors are generally young and friendly team. Also maintenance is extremely nice and helpful in the cut. You will learn practical skills in the field of urology: -Blasenkatheter and pull-Drainagen and abscesses rinse Apply drugs via catheter and drainage -Ultraschall of the kidney and dissipating urinary tract -2nd Assistant in the operating room -Flex set, ESP. When on station, everything is done, you may run into the ambulance with doctors. Which are time less stressed as on station, so you get something explained in patients from the rescue site ever raise a medical history and make a first ultrasound can--> be sure there the best thing about the PJ, go far because you can think with! (The chances in many PJlern are good, time to go, at least not since they are busy all day on station in the ambulance). And otherwise: lunch is free, you can get food stamps. Rehab applications be laid for the lesion to the page - there are 28 euro for every completed. Usually, there are a few every week. Negative: On station, unfortunately no teaching is made. If you're lucky, an other lesion is long, which one can explain how you really can be heard and what after which surgical ultrasound to pay (the then but also not quite right... can it under certain circumstances). The station doctors have usually no time to show something alone one or to explain. The frustration is quite large after a few weeks, because you learn anything as a result. On station is PJler leader for small practical things (see above). One is however not in the patient stories or cases at all involved with, it maintained no own patients, diseases are not discussed, on the business decisions are not explained to the PJlern. During the visit it is as lesion either invisible or you may open the laboratory of specific patient on the Tablet, though it is asked. My opinion is a great disparity between the work, taking off the doctors as a lesion and the doctrine, which should actually make it. Summary: Doctors and nursing friendly. Who think as little as possible, no responsibility and a free lunch would have, is right here - otherwise better somewhere else to go.

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