Medical Electives

Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)

Elective Report from Oct. 16, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 3/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: Application about the own University.
My PJ TERTIAL in neurology in the CBF was by far the best four months in my PJs. Here I worked much, but also extremely learned a lot. It rotates as lesion between the neurological standard station and the stroke unit and can for some time into the rescue site. The team in Neurology is very nice and is all (of the intern to the Chief doctor), that you learn a lot as a lesion. From the very first day you supervised own patients with assistance and attendings discusses and presents the Chief doctor in the business. Often will be re-examined by the attendings, what is very instructive. You can learn here a lot of Neurology and also internal medicine and is accepted as a full team member. One gets taught the implementation of every very early and can make then under medical supervision regularly. Even after the work you do something with the Assistenzärten as lesion occasionally. Unfortunately also some annoying activities include how remove blood, Flexülen place and ECG to the tasks of the students write, they occupy but only a small part of the activity. The study days can either take collected at the end or a week. The working hours were admittedly long, so that it often happened that was only after 18: 00 hours. Since you have here but always very much learned, it was worth it anyway. If you are willing to engage correctly for a four months, then you can take with right here much. I learned in my four months in neurology in any case, much more than in my two other Tertialen together and can recommend the CBF therefore only sustainably. PRO: -Very nice team -Follow-up by physicians -Independent patient care with intensive supervision -Extremely high learning effect CONS: -long working hours -Blood, Flexülen

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