Medical Electives

Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)

Elective Report from Oct. 5, 2016

Supervision 2/5 Teaching 2/5 Leisure 4/5 Translated
Application: PJ Office
A pretty entäuschendes TERTIAL. Is urgent by discouraged! Positive: Center for choroidal melanoma, you not so often sees private examination room with slit lamp, independent statiönäre intake of patients, very nice! Nursing staff Negative: PJ-ler man is banned as on the station to assist the completely if Ward doctor. Unfortunately, they had to explain something one usually no time or to show. The investigation on the slit lamp to themselves teach, whether you do it right, I know still don't. The senior doctor greeted me saying what I want at all there when I previously didn't even did a clinical elective in ophthalmology, and I would therefore useless. You then so is his days on station and doesn't even have time in the operating room to go. 1 x, in four months, I was in the operating room. Mainly to serve the Braunülen lay before the outpatient surgery. Also, you can't see the ambulance because there already abler. Also a detour in the Sehschule me was not to part that otherwise breaks out the chaos on station. Oh, that is Belgrade to pay the full price themselves and not to be recommended. Prefer your own take. Conclusion: You notice that the eye clinic is run unstructured, overwhelmed the interns / are overloaded and the mood is overall rather poor. Ler as PJ is only ballast, teaching does not take place.

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