Medical Electives

Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)

Elective Report from March 14, 2016

Supervision 5/5 Teaching 5/5 Leisure 3/5 Translated
Application: regular Charité distribution according to request
I've made my 1st four months on Urology in the CBF and it was very much fun. I was actively involved as a PJ-student in the station everyday; together to discuss treatment options, research log on etc.. Blood collection are main task on station, Flexülen place and abdomen ultrasound investigations to independently carry out. The daily ultrasound to get a good routine and is very safe in the correct findings. In the medical team, a very good atmosphere and it is shown in a gratitude for your own engagement. You can take care of their own patients in the ambulance, a DJ change perform or tampering in the OP assist and small time even perform. As lesion you will get food stamps (value € 6) in urology CBF, clothing is provided and you can apply for access to SAP immediately. Since we were four PJ students we could freely divide our study days provided was always a PJ student per day on station. It is also possible to rotate on request for a period of time on the Pediatric Urology in the CVK. I would recommend a PJ in urology in the CBF, because I learned a lot, there is a good atmosphere and me useful manual skills have been taught.

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